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This is the category for all of our specific degree programs… our pages that host lists of partner schools where one can study legal-related professions. If you’re interested in the legal field, this is like the holy grail of school choices.

What Are the Most In-Demand Criminal Justice Careers Based on College Degree Level?

criminal justice careers

Criminal justice careers are very rewarding because it encompasses such a wide area of helping people while also bringing justice to the innocent. As much as it appears this career takes place mostly in a courtroom, it goes far beyond there and into places you might not expect. Even better, …

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Colleges With Criminal Justice Majors: 3 Steps To Choose The Right One

colleges with criminal justice majors

Colleges With Criminal Justice Majors… For a list, in your local area and online, of colleges with criminal justice majors, click here. Choosing the right college is very important. It is the foundation of your career… the pillars of education that will hold up your ability to be employed, and …

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Is A Paralegal Internship Paid?

Is A Paralegal Internship Paid? Students interested in a paralegal internship typically have several important options to consider. Whether the student is looking for a paralegal internship in NYC or in smaller towns like Gainesville, there are a few common factors that need to be covered and evaluated. One of …

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Online Paralegal Degree: Super Convenient Or Waste Of Money?

online paralegal degree

Online Paralegal Degree: Super Convenient Or Waste Of Money? When it comes to earning a paralegal degree, you have the option to study online or in a traditional classroom setting. There are some advantages and disadvantages of an online paralegal degree that need to be carefully considered before deciding which …

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